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This Board of Directors works together addressing needs and developing strategies to restore and improve Lafayette Park.  Each director serves a two-year term, with half the directorship elected by the Conservancy membership every year. Each officer serves a single year term, and is elected by the directors.

Board of Directors


President: Tricia Ruma Spence

Vice Presidents: Andy Hahn and Lisette Odell

Secretary: Christopher Palmero

Treasurer: Hilary Powles

Directors: Wardwell Buckner, Tom Dahms, Larry Dodd, Catherine Hamacher, Hannah Krigman, James Lesch, Jesse Merdian, Sam Moore, Jeremy Oria, and Carolyn Willmore.

Advisory Board:  Melanie Fathman and Mark Kalk

The Lafayette Park Conservancy Board of Directors elects officers, sets project priorities, fundraises, and conducts the ongoing business of the organization.


Membership: The entire membership meets annually in the Kern Pavilion on the Sunday closest to Nov. 12 for the purpose of electing Directors and acting on such other business as may come before the membership body. Directors are elected to two-year terms with eight directors elected one year and seven the following year.

Board: Meetings of the Board of Directors are open to the public. They are usually held at 7:00 p.m. at the Park House on the fourth Tuesday of each month (unless otherwise noted in “Events”).