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Volunteer Opportunities Available

Although the City of St. Louis Parks Department mows grass, picks up trash and debris, and performs major tree pruning, much of the maintenance work that keeps Lafayette Park looking so nice is performed by dedicated volunteers who expend thousands of hours annually to beautify the park, while others take on fundraising and planning tasks to propose and implement major improvement projects. If you would like to participate in any of these efforts, please consider one or more of the following opportunities:

The Flora Conservancy of Lafayette Park

The Flora Conservancy movement began at Forest Park and spread to Carondelet and Lafayette Parks. Not coincidentally, these three parks were the first three parks in St. Louis to create Master Plans that guide their ongoing development. The Flora Conservancy mobilizes experienced and inexperienced volunteer gardeners to perform  activities that include:
- Creating and maintaining ornamental garden areas: planning, planting, weeding and irrigation
- Seasonal cleanup: raking, mulching and pruning
If you have time to work independently in the park during the week or on weekends, please call us at (314) 772-5724, Option 7, and leave a message to let us know you are interested. We'll be sure to let you know about high-priority landscape, cleanup and maintenance projects, and put you in touch with the garden leaders who maintain the various areas of the park.

- Manage volunteer efforts and coordinate their work with maintenance performed by City Parks
- Build and maintain a volunteer database, including recording and tracking volunteer hours
- Solicit, encourage, support and recognize the volunteers who keep the park looking so good
- Maintain park structures and facilities, such as the playground, the Park House, and the Boat House
- Maintain park features such as benches, monuments and lakes

Master Plan Park Improvement Projects
- Plan and budget to restore/recreate historic park features, such as the boathouse and the music stand
- Plan and budget to improve park facilities, such as seating, pathways and recreational areas

Capital Development
- Help develop the Conservancy's fundraising strategies, goals, and priorities
- Approach individuals, corporations, foundations and government agencies for funding
- Write grant requests and other communication pieces to support fundraising activities

- Contact prospective and renewing members to encourage membership
- Build and maintain a membership/donor database
- Develop and implement strategies to increase Conservancy membership

Community Outreach
- Plan and host special events, such as Galas, receptions and teas
- Host educational, social, tourist and community groups who come to tour and learn about the park
- Develop and implement strategies to educate the public about Lafayette Park's history and current renaissance

Publicity and Records
- Develop and information about the Conservancy and Lafayette Park, and publish via website, newsletters, traditional and electronic media
- Maintain archives of park history and Conservancy records

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